Saturday, 1 February 2014

Spy Pen Camera-Record Audio and Video Up to 32 GB Secretly

Spy Pen Camera-Record Audio and Video Up to 32 GB Secretly

In this hi-tech age spying corrupt leaders, Officers, business men involved in malpractices or some other criminals has become very easy. A lot of equipments are available in the market. Spy pen Camera is the first choice of the public for this purpose. This device comes with an invisible lens mostly fixed behind the slot in the upper end of the pocket clip. It operates on a rechargeable lithium battery and can record both audio and video clips. These spy cameras are easily available in the market in various designs but each design exactly looks as an ordinary pen. These spy pen Cameras are available in various Data handling capacities. These Cameras are available in the market at a cost of Rs-1000-00 to Rs-5000.00 and you can record  up to 32 GB of Data depending upon it’s capacity. Cost of the Spy Pen Camera mostly depends on it’s Data Storage capacity and Quality of The Lens.
While purchasing a Spy Pen Camera we must consider the design which looks exactly like an ordinary pen carried by most of the people in their pockets and in no way it must look different because a different look may alert the target and our operations may fail. Select the storage capacity as per our need but try to purchase with a high quality lens for better results

Operation is very easy. Just sit comfortably in routine in front of or in either side of the target. When you want to start recording, just put your hand on your pen as if you are checking whether it is intact or not. Press gently the head of the pen, the recording will start and a dim led indication will be visible to you to confirm the start of recording. The indication will be visible to you only because it is poor to be viewed from distance and pointing in your side only.

Later you can modify the data. Upper portion of the pen is a USB drive, remove it and down load the data to your computer and use as you like.