Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Kingsoft Office-MS Office Compatible Free download

Kingsoft Office-MS Office Compatible Free download

The Kingsoft Office also called KSO or KSOffice and in China it is called WPS Office. It is an office suite for Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS and Android OS. It is developed by a Chinese  software developing company Kingsoft which is based at Zhuhai. It includes Kingsoft Writer(An alternative of MS Word), Kingsoft Presentation(An alternative of MS Power Point) and Kingsoft Spreadsheets(An alternative of MS Excl.).The basic version is Open ended or free of cost but the full featured premium version is also available. The current version is KSOffice 2013.
Image Curtsey-wikipedia.org
The product is not new but had a long history of development and successfully used by chinese users. It is very popular in China under various names like WPS, WPS Office, and KSOffice. Since the development of WPS Office 2005, this brand brand is trying to prove it's presence in the international market. 

It's User interface is almost similar to that of the MS Office products developed by microsoft
corporation, and supports its documents.The MS Office occupies 512 MB of disk space where
Kingsoft needs only 61.4 MB of Hard Drive space. Developers claim it to be better and having extra features than the Microsoft Office.