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Unified Remote a Very Useful Free App

Unified Remote a Very Useful Free App-Unified Remote is created, developed, and operated by a small team of three passionate engineering students. Philip Bergqvist, Jakob Berglund, Richard Simko. The first release of Unified Remote was a free Android app that contained just over 10 of these remote controls, for a variety of different programs, including Spotify, VLC, Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, Power, etc. After a very positive first release with the thousands of downloads in the first few days the team decided to continue the hobby project and started developing the next version.
 In April of 2011 they released the second version of Unified Remote, this time with an improved version of the free app but also a new full version ( At the cost of $3.99) containing many new features and remote controls. With low expectations they were surprised again by the very positive feedback. Today the free version has over 2 million downloads worldwide, and the full version has been sold over 100,000 times.
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FEATURES of Unified Remote
  1.            Unified Remote is packed with features and remotes. Unlock even more features and remotes by purchasing the full version.
2.            18 essential remotes available in the free version of the app.
3.            Unlock the ability to create and use custom remotes in the full version.
4.            Password protection and encryption for added security and privacy.
5.            Unlock 40+ additional remotes in the full version of the app.
6.            Easily connect using WiFi or Bluetooth using automatic server detection.( At Present Bluetooth is only available for Android and Windows but likely to Come to more platforms soon.)
7.            Includes both a light and a dark theme for the app and remotes.
8.            Control your computer keyboard and mouse using single or multi touch gestures.
9.            Wake up a sleeping computer with WOL using the Power remote.

FEATURES of Unified Remote on Android Only

1.    Our flagship app for Android supports several unique features.
2.    Create customizable widgets for your home screen, with just the controls you want.
3.    Pin your favorite actions in the notification area for quick access.
4.    Easily send commands using Android's integrated Google voice control.
5.    Place shortcuts to your favorite remotes on your home screen for quick access.
6.    Write your favorite actions to NFC tags (generate URIs and QR images as well). (NFC functionality requires an Android device with built-in NFC hardware support.)
7.    Works with 3rd party keyboards (such as Swift Key and Swipe).

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